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Everyone makes mistakes, including police officers and prosecutors. If you've been charged with a crime, you need an advocate to fight for you, uncover those mistakes, and unveil what really happened. Call Kevin now and ask how he can help defend you.
Experienced Representation

Knows every courthouse in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Aggressive Defense

Fights for dropped or reduced charges just as hard as the prosecutor fights for your conviction.

Personalized Service

Personally attends every court hearing.

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Available at your time of need, no matter what time that is.

Free Consultations

Confidential consultations available in person or over the phone.

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Works with your specific economic circumstance.

Alcohol & Marijuana DUI Defense

Alcohol and Drug DUI cases present unique scientific issues not present in most general criminal cases. Kevin Fard, Attorney at Law brings extensive experience and targeted training and education in these highly technical cases.

General Criminal Defense

Kevin Fard, Attorney at Law vigorously defends clients charged with violent crimes, drug crimes, theft crimes, white-collar crimes, and sex crimes in addition to representation in pre-filing investigations, expungments and post-conviction relief.


Highly recommend! He got 2 cases dismissed in one year both out of Torrance court. If you’re in the unfortunate event to require legal help, you want to make sure you have someone that will go the extra mile, Kevin does just that!

Michael Former Client

I hired Kevin Fard as my DUI Attorney and had both my cases DISMISSED. My dmv hearing was won and also my court hearing for the criminal DUI. Mr Fard is beyond knowledgeable in his abilities as an attorney and goes above and beyond to protect you and your rights. Mr Fard gathered evidence and conducted himself in court extremely competent and sharp. He also showed great composer and confidence in what he represented and within my rights of the law towards the DA and Judge. Mr. Fard was also very good at communicating and getting back to me in a quick and efficient manner. If your seeking strong legal counsel, who can explain things clearly and give you the best shot in your case I highly and strongly recommend Mr. Kevin Fard. There are many attorneys out there that basically just want your money and have you plea to a deal with the DA, This wasn’t the case for me, Mr Fard did everything in his power and beyond to make sure if there was any percentage of winning over the case that it was done. He was truthful and honest as to what could take place and fortunately for me I got both my court hearings dismissed. Once again I highly recommend Kevin Fard -Attorney At Law.

Brody Former Client

After my DUI I was facing an additional probation violation and two license suspension charges. Kevin got them dismissed and saved me from jail time and thousands of extra dollars in fines.

Travis Former client

I was facing a felony probation violation that could have sent me back to jail, but Mr. Fard worked hard on my case. He was able to get the violation dismissed and even saved me about $5000.00 in fees and fines. Mr. Fard was very professional and straightforward from day one, and if you are looking for strong representation then Mr. Fard is the best option out there. He will go the extra mile to fight for you, he is the best lawyer I ever had.

J.R. Former client

I hired Mr. Fard to handle two rather difficult DUI related issues, and found him to be extremely competent, knowledgeable and thorough in all of our dealings. He went above and beyond my expectations both in pre-court research, as well as arguing the cases before the judges.

Not only that, but even after resolution of the matters he was hired for, he continued to find resources and make calls to assist me in post-court matters related to my cases.

He did not over-promise, or inflate any possible outcomes. He was prompt, professional and available not only to myself but to those who needed updates and information.

I would gladly recommend Mr. Fard to anyone in need of an attorney.

Scott Former client

Kevin was my boyfriend’s lawyer and he helped him out tremendously. He was always a phone call away for any questions either me or him had. He was always able to meet in person close to our location. And best of all he was able to bring his charges a lot lower.

Jasmine Former client's family/friend

Mr. Fard has represented me on two cases, the most recent being a probation violation and driving under suspension charge I received after getting a DUI. I was in jail on a warrant, thought the charge wasn’t that serious and went to court with a public defender. Big mistake. The judge threw the book at me, setting my bail at $100,000. I called Mr. Fard, he came in the next day, convinced the prosecutor to reduce my charges, and I was set free with time served. I couldn’t afford to post that bail or spend another day incarcerated and he really came through for me. If you need quality knowledgable representation, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Fard.

Pete Former client

I had seven arrest warrants, a suspended license and currently live in MA. Kevin was able to get my license reinstated, get rid of all my warrants and resolve my cases without having to spend a day in jail or even fly back to California. He untangled an absolute mess for me. I would highly recommend you get him on your side asap!

Rico Former client

I hired Kevin for my DUI case. I found him to be extremely diligent and knowledgeable. He is also very accessible and easy to deal with. He made an unpleasant situation much more manageable.

Steve Former client